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Need veterinary relief services for your practice? We have Veterinarians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Assistants available for booking.



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The All Four PAWS Veterinary Relief team is committed to providing quality, capable and compassionate relief to practices in several states on the east coast. We will take great care of your team, clients and patients while providing a friendly touch.

Our Team

Our Veterinary professional team is comprised of friendly and reliable veterinarians and support staff with strong medical backgrounds. Dr. Starke’s years as a clinician and Chief of Staff have provided her the knowledge and ability of work with the needs of your hospital.

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Are you interested in a career as a Relief Veterinarian, LVT or Assistant? Relief Work can be rewarding and exhilarating if it is the right path for you. You can make your own schedule and decide what days, weekends and holidays that you want to work.
Thank you so much for filling in for me here at Lakewood! The staff really enjoyed working with you and reported that the clients loved you as well. The staff was surprised and pleased to see that your practice style is similar to ours so it was an easy transition for them. I hope you weren’t too painfully bored. Unfortunately, it is always slow when we go away, but it is so nice to have peace of mind that the clients that do need ‘us’ while we are gone are still in capable and compassionate hands!”

– Dr. Amy Olson, Lakewood Animal Hospital
We consider All Four Paws Relief not only professional colleagues but friends to our practice and clients. Doctors Starke and Kirk are thorough clinicians, considering patient care as well as client comfort. We are a one doctor practice and appreciate a veterinarian that can come in and provide true relief.Dr. Starke has been working with us for several years. She is a family oriented person with a great disposition and the ability to manage a busy schedule. We appreciate her interpersonal skills and bedside manner. We recommend All Four Paws Relief Services.”

– Katie Kuchinsky, DVM and Team, Market Street Animal Clinic
I was very pleased with the two veterinarians, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Reidy, that you sent to my clinic to cover for 3 days June 2018. My clients were pleased with their kind demeanor and they took care to fully explain their treatments to the clients. Additionally they were careful and gentle my patients Their doctor’s notes were thorough and concise and well documented. I felt my clients and clinic were well served and would not hesitate to take advantage of their services in the future. As you can tell I was very happy with your relief service and would recommend them highly to any other veterinarians seeking competent relief services.”

– Dr. Anita L. Moore, Animal Clinic of Wayson’s Corner
We are very impressed with the quality of care that the Four Paws veterinarians provide. It is surprising how well they integrate into our practice. We are always relieved to see their friendly faces as we know that our clients and patients will be in very capable hands. They are an invaluable asset to our practice. We would highly recommend All Four Paws Vet Relief.”

– Anne Williams DVM, Del Ray Animal Hospital
Our clinic has been using the relief services of All Four Paws Relief since October of 2018. We found their veterinarians to be a wonderful fit with our clinic. We have had the opportunity to work with five of their doctors, and have time and again been amazed at their ability to seamlessly become part of our team. The quality of care, and attention to detail sets them apart from other relief teams. We highly recommend All Four Paws, and would be happy to speak to anyone looking to use their services.”

– Adrianne, Practice Manager, Parkway Veterinary Clinic
“We love all the veterinarians with All Four Paws. They are always professional, willing to help and communicate thoroughly with the staff. Scheduling is easy and they are willing to work with what shifts you need covered as best as they can. All Four Paws is our first go to for relief veterinarians. Dr. Starke is always open to feedback and communicates with the hospitals if any changes happen. We love them!”

– Jessica Haydon, Senior Practice Manager, Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic
“One of our veterinarians retired and another veterinarian went on maternity leave, and suddenly, we found ourselves in a difficult position for about 3 months of being short on veterinary coverage. We fortunately found All Four Paws Veterinary Relief. They were able to cover more of our shifts than any other relief companies I contacted. The doctors have been wonderful and easy to work with. Our clients feel they have been well cared for and the relief veterinarians have maintained our high level of service. The relief doctors have adapted to our workflow with ease and have learned our electronic medical record system quickly even though they have not worked with this system in the past. I could not imagine walking into a new veterinary practice, meeting everyone, learning the computer system and attending to appointments as seamlessly as they have done. I would recommend this company to any hospital that needs help covering shifts and needs to pursue the assistance of relief veterinarians.”

– Sue-Anne Slonin, Practice Manager, Falls Road Animal Hospital
“Dr. Starke and her team at All Four Paws Vet Relief have truly been life savers for our clinic!  We were down almost half of our veterinarian team due to life events happening in the midst of Covid 19.  Without the help of these wonderful veterinarians we would have been lost.  The doctors at All Four Paws are professional, courteous and flow seamlessly into the workflow of our practice.  The administrative team at All Four Paws are responsive and diligent in their effort to fill our schedule gaps and keep the lines of communication open with consistent updates.  Huge THANK YOU to the outstanding veterinarians and staff at All Four Paws!”

– Denise Nagel, Hospital Manager of Deepwood Veterinary Clinic
“Our AAHA-accredited practice has utilized doctors from All Four Paws Vet Relief for nearly five years. In addition to helping our regular veterinarians get some time away, we have used the service on a more regular basis when we were growing into hiring another full-time professional. We have also found the service to be helpful when one of our veterinarians needs to take medical or family leave. Our veterinarians enjoy working with the doctors from All Four Paws Vet Relief and our support staff has learned to unreservedly recommend them to our clients. I have never had a complaint from any of our clients – which is a difficult accomplishment in a busy practice over an extended time. Follow-up on patients is easy due to the thoroughness of the relief doctors’ medical records and notes. I continue to be a satisfied client of All Four Paws Vet Relief, and I recommend them highly.”

– Dr. Michael Watts,Owner of Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care
“Dr. Starke and the team at All Four Paws Veterinary Relief are nothing short of spectacular.  Their ability to seamlessly integrate into our team has been astounding.  They bring a level of professionalism and reliability that are unparalleled.  My entire staff and I love working with the ladies at All Four Paws.  Not only are the doctors fantastic, but their administrative staff is also terrific with communication and are always quick to respond. They are our go-to relief and I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Shannon Naujoks, Practice Manager of Montclair Animal Hospital
“We love you guys! I must say Dr. Starke and her Veterinary staff are truly exceptional! Their love for pets, attention to detail and overall practice of medicine has been nothing short of amazing. Not only are they great Veterinarians, they are overall great people and fit right in with family culture of our clinic.  I cannot count the amount of times they accommodated us on short notice, with no questions asked. I would recommend All Four Paws Veterinary Relief to any veterinary practice. You will not be disappointed!”

Darius Redd, Practice Manager, Waldorf Animal Clinic & Charles County Animal Hospital

“As a practice owner I could not be happier with All Four Paws Veterinary Relief.  Dr. Lewis was fantastic!  She jumped right into our very busy practice without a problem.  She is a true professional, a great veterinarian, and a pleasure to work with.  My staff loved her and looks forward to having her return.  All Four Paws has been extremely easy to do business with, from scheduling to communication.  I have found every one of their staff members to be prompt and professional.  I cannot say enough about All Four Paws and highly recommend them when you need veterinary relief.”

Jason Bollenbeck, DVM, President of Towne Animal Clinic
“I just wanted to follow up on our shift with Dr. French. Dr. French did an incredible job, got two positive vSMART reviews and was loved by the staff. She fit in really well and was incredibly efficient. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were, and we will be asking for her assistance again in the future. Thank you so much, and have a very happy New Year!”

Dr. Brian Neumann, Caring Hands Animal Hospital
“We’ve been very grateful for the relief vets you’ve sent our way. Everyone has been friendly, professional and genuinely compassionate – they really bring their A game. I’ve admired how they have all adapted to our slightly unorthodox walk in model, as well. Kaitlynn and Michele’s attention to my questions and scheduling requests has been excellent. I do appreciate the reminders and the offers when you have a date open up. I have had to book dates months in advance just knowing someone here is going to need off but that is the nature of the business these days. Overall, very satisfied and would definitely recommend All Four Paws to my colleagues.”

Dr. Lauren Santangelo, Occoquan Animal Hospital
“We have been very pleased. Jenny is amazing! Michele has been great about keeping me on the top of her list as far as availability is concerned. I would definitely recommend your service.”

Melissa Davis, Leesburg Veterinary Hospital
“Dr. Emily Siegel was amazing and my staff really liked her. Fingers crossed you guys will be able to help us out more.”

Rebecca Simokaitis, Dominion Animal Hospital
“We really enjoyed having Dr. Verloop at the hospital.  She has a fantastic personality.  I know it was a tough day for her just starting with us, fully booked and not knowing our software or where anything was….not to mention with an arm in a sling.  She is a trooper though and has a great attitude!”

Nikki Carroll, Hospital Manager of VCA Boulevard Animal Hospital