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Are you interested in a career as a

Relief Veterinarian?


Relief Work can be rewarding and exhilarating if it is the right path for you.
You can make your own schedule and decide what days, weekends and holidays that you want to work.

If you are looking for more flexibility in your schedule and a better work life balance, relief work may be right for you.


Why us?

We believe that the benefits of joining the All Four Paws Team are clear. We not only provide services to our clients but our team: for Veterinarians by Veterinarians. Building a team and work model that creates a path to both personal and professional satisfaction and success.

We offer a generous salary and benefits package. You just show up and practice medicine. We take care of scheduling and all of the behind the scenes paperwork.

Do you want to know more?

Click here to read Dr. Starke’s article on setting yourself up for relief work!

Veterinarian Testimonials

After eight years of working as a full-time associate at two Northern Virginia practices, I sought an opportunity to practice medicine as a relief vet to achieve more work-life balance. This was a difficult choice as I valued the comradery and that comes from working at a single practice. Serendipitously, I met Dr. Starke in 2016 when she was initially building her team at All Four Paws Veterinary Relief (AFP). I was immediately drawn to her charismatic personality, and in working with her, saw that she and I practiced the same high-quality standards of medicine. I was fortunate to join her team later that year.

Dr. Starke’s full-time associates are selected based on their demonstrated clinical skills and ability to adapt quickly to a clinic’s culture to provide consistent, high-quality care to novel clients. AFP facilitates this by matching each doctor’s skills and availability to the practices we serve for the mutual benefit of the clients and clinicians. As a result, her team retains preferred practices as clients and enjoys business continuity, which few individual relief vets can expect.
All Four Paws provides its associates with a high degree of professional support and advocacy. The logistics of contracts, scheduling, and billing are removed, which allows the doctors to focus on providing the best care possible. Dr. Starke’s team-based structure also eliminates the professional isolation that can occur while working as a solo relief vet. AFP doctors enjoy a collegial, supportive, and convivial culture. We consult each other on cases as needed throughout the day, attend continuing education together, and have the opportunity to socialize outside of work at regular company functions.

The company culture of All Four Paws creates the perfect balance between benefits sought in a full-time practice and the improved work-life balance that makes relief work so satisfying. I remain ever grateful to be part of the team.

– Dr. Susan Kirk, DVM
All Four Paws Veterinary Relief Associate since 2016
I have been a part of the AFP team for about about a year now and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. The team is a great group of people and fun to be around. We may not see each other every day, but when we get together a good time is guaranteed! I was hesitant to do relief work on my own, but having the support from AFP to take care of the management details takes a big load off of my shoulders. It’s the best of both worlds, I can set my own schedule and work at different clinics, but I don’t have to be the boss and deal with contracts or marketing or scheduling… It’s been great!”

– Kristen James, DVM
AFP since 2017
Working with All Four Paws has been one of the best decisions I have made for my career. It has allowed me to continue to do the work I am passionate about, but also maintain a great work-life balance. It is wonderful to have a management team that works with you, and provides support when and where it is needed. That support helps to cultivate a work experience that is as stress free as possible, which is very difficult to come by in the veterinary field. I am truly lucky to work with this great team! ”

– Sara A. Lewis, DVM, MBA
AFP since 2017
Working with All Four Paws has been a great experience! Between having a strong support system to help navigate the unique ins and outs of veterinary relief work, and the knowledge that my work satisfaction is a top priority to not just myself but to Dr. Starke and the All Four Paws team, I have definitely felt much more valued as a practitioner. Adequate work-life balance is such a difficult goal to achieve in our field, but All Four Paws definitely makes that possible, while reducing the stress that comes with so many existing veterinary practitioner roles that we have all experienced in the past. I am so excited to be part of the All Four Paws family, and truly feel cared for and respected as I head to work each and every day! ”

– Katie Proia, DVM
All Four Paws Since 2018

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