Dr. Edith Verloop

Dr. Edith Verloop is originally from Winchester, VA and has provided short and long-term relief to hospitals all over Northern Virginia. She earned her Bachelors at The University of Virginia and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

She is passionate about animal welfare and has volunteered her time with organizations such as Blue Ridge Wildlife. She loves acupuncture, general practice where she can focus on preventive care and internal medicine. When she is not working in clinics, she enjoys riding, reading and spending time with her daughter, Corinne and her pets.

She has quite the crew with her dogs Comma, Sarah; horses Madison, Fini; cats Triscuit, Carrot, Cheezit; parrot Hastings; ducks- Persia , George; swan – Bertha; goose – Evelyn ; chickens- Wanda, Katherine and goat Victor.



  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine 


  • Virginia Board of Health Professions: Veterinarian, #301005833

  • Drug Enforcement Administration Practitioner’s License


Nikki Carroll, Manager - VCA Boulevard Animal Hospital

“We really enjoyed having Dr. Verloop at the hospital. She has a fantastic personality. I know it was a tough day for her just starting with us, fully booked and not knowing our software or where anything was….not to mention with an arm in a sling. She is a trooper though and has a great attitude!”

Anne Williams, DVM - Del Ray Animal Hospital

“We are very impressed with the quality of care that the All Four Paws veterinarians provide. It is surprising how well they integrate into our practice. We are always relieved to see their friendly faces as we know that our clients and patients will be in very capable hands. They are an invaluable asset to our practice. We would highly recommend All Four Paws Vet Relief.”

Sue-Anne Slonin, Practice Manager of Falls Road Animal Hospital

“One of our veterinarians retired and another veterinarian went on maternity leave, and suddenly, we found ourselves in a difficult position for about 3 months of being short on veterinary coverage. We fortunately found All Four Paws Veterinary Relief. They were able to cover more of our shifts than any other relief companies I contacted. The doctors have been wonderful and easy to work with. Our clients feel they have been well cared for and the relief veterinarians have maintained our high level of service. The relief doctors have adapted to our workflow with ease and have learned our electronic medical record system quickly even though they have not worked with this system in the past. I could not imagine walking into a new veterinary practice, meeting everyone, learning the computer system and attending to appointments as seamlessly as they have done. I would recommend this company to any hospital that needs help covering shifts and needs to pursue the assistance of relief veterinarians.”