Our Veterinarians

postcanterRobin Altstatt Scarborough, DVM, MSFS

Dr. Scarborough graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.  Intent on a career in equine medicine, she took an internship position with an equine sports medicine practice, where she learned, among other things, that equine medicine was not for her!  She made the change to small animal medicine and has spent considerable time in shelter medicine.  She worked as a civilian veterinary medical officer for the Department of Defense at Fort Meade VTF, taking care of both military working dogs (and cats!) as well as pets privately owned by service members.  After 9 years, she decided she needed a change, and joined All Four Paws Vet Relief.  She is particularly interested in orthopedics as well as feline medicine.

Dr. Scarborough also has a master’s degree in forensic science and is currently pursuing an online degree in microbiology.  She lives with her husband and their own private colony of 8 cats.  When not working, Dr. Scarborough trains horses and competes, and is an expert sidesaddle rider.  She also has a full suit of custom armor from her previous days as a re-enactor and contact jouster.  She currently has two horses, one of whom she rides at the FEI level of dressage.